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      My 3-Digit and 4-Digit Method





The following examples in 2011 show that my method works......and works well......


Playing the 3 and 4 digits do not yield as much profit as the Lotto and Power Ball, but I can always use an extra $500-$3100 per ticket.  HOW ABOUT YOU?


Like others I use past history of the winning numbers, but I also use vivid dreams, hunches and my brain to analyze the numbers.  I do not just randomly select dozens of numbers a day based on past history.  Those dollars can add up in today’s economy.  I can help focus your purchases to a limited number of tickets that WILL win. 


I call family members to tell them of my research and my hunches.  I do not use the computer lottery or any other gimmick to select numbers.  Also the numbers may be in a different order (boxed, combo, exact or any order), so we will discuss how to play the numbers in my e-book (coming soon!!!).  In the meantime, use the Dream Calculator to find out the number for your vivid dreams. Purchase below!!!

·       If we look at my hunch for 729 a 3 digit number that was drawn on Jan 30th (927) in Louisiana and on Feb 1 in Michigan (972).  Later I had another hunch for 729 that was also drawn on March 28 in Louisiana (792) and on March 29 in Michigan (729). 

·       A four digit number 3533 that I dreamed was drawn on March 1 in Michigan (3533) and on March 4 in Louisiana (3533). 

·       Another hunch number 0090 was drawn in New Jersey on June 24 (0090) and in Louisiana on June 24 (0009).

·       A four digit 9559 was only a hunch for Michigan, so I called a relative who was able to cash a winning ticket on July 2.




I also offer consulting on a couple of different things.  You should understand that my experience is from many years of playing the lottery.  I know trends, popular numbers drawn and other tips that you can't find in the purchase of 20 dream books.  I want to have a location that you can call for good solid advice based on experience.  I also understand that I can't play $100 worth of lottery tickets each day, so I want to help focus your expenses to WINNING options.


Dream Interpretation and Number Selection

If you are having trouble interpreting your dream.  I can help by pointing you to the best numbers associated with your dream.  Also if you can interpret your own dream, but need to focus and limit the amount of tickets you need to purchase, I can help with that research.  You will also note that the Dream books list two numbers or you may have only purchased a 3-digit book, this consult can help you select the best 3 or 4-digit number that is expected to be drawn. 



I also get good hunches that I typically share with my family, but are now available to you.  You can check my Facebook page (Lottery 3 and 4 Digit) daily for hunches of the 3 or 4-digit numbers.  You can then consult with me for the specific 3 or 4-digit number associated with the hunch. 


Costs and Payment

Consulting by email (coming soon!!!).


Don’t let your dream go to waste.

For only $14.99, order the 3 digit Dream Calculator TODAY!!!





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